Who We Are


Orbit annexes are made by Purple Line.

Purple Line are a Melbourne based product design company, who develop products specifically for the Caravan and RV market. All products are specifically designed for the tough Australian climatic and travel conditions.

Orbit annexes – choose a product that’s made by an experienced and reputable company based in Australia with over 10 years’ experience in the country’s caravanning camping and RV industry.

Purple Line are :

  1. At the forefront of the industry – a market leader, inventor of first inflatable camper trailer, amongst other great innovations.
  2. Producers of country-specific products to deal with the specific climate and environment demands of Australia.
  3. Designers of products to successfully perform in the harsher Australian outdoor environment.
  4. Constantly evaluating emerging new technologies, and incorporating them for improved product performance.
  5. Always conducting “real-life” tests of products in actual caravanning and camping environments to ensure optimum durability, product quality, and product innovation for usability and viability.
  6. Confident in the Orbit range and offer a two-year performance guarantee.
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