Orbit Annexes

Orbit Annexes are the perfect choice for any caravanner that wants a robust annex which provides extra space, style and convenience without having to pay a high price or carry a lot of extra weight.

Rigid Frame

If you are looking for an annex with a rigid frame, we offer a stylish, high quality range to suit various applications.

Whether you are looking to extend the living space of a motorhome or a large standalone caravan, we have an annex to suit.

All our annexes are made of high quality materials and finished to an exacting standard. All annexes come with a 3 year warranty.

The fabrics we use are UV protected, waterproof and fire retardant.

With a skeleton of metal poles and fibreglass struts the annexes will stand up well to the any weather conditions you will experience on your holidays.

There are curtains that roll up for air in the day time and can be rolled down and zipped when leaving the site for a day trip or for privacy at night.

If you a looking for extra space protected from the elements, our stylish rigid frame annexes are a great option.

Air Annexes

If you are looking for the ultimate in convenience, there is a great alternative to a rigid frame annexe.

Setting up camp once you reach a destination is just one of those chores that comes with holidaying with a van or camper.

We have a solution. Our air annexes make setup ridiculously easy!

Just clear the space, press a button and your additional accommodation appears in a couple of minutes.

Just watch the video to see how quick setup really is.

Newcomers sometimes wonder about the sturdiness of these structures.

Have no fear. A helicopter hovering above one of our air annexes and a fire hose directed at the structure don’t mean disaster. Watch the video and you can see that an air annexe will stand up extraordinarily well to any weather conditions you are likely to experience on holidays.

So if you place a high value on speed and convenience, an Orbit air annexe is a great choice.

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