Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes

Common mistakes made when selecting an annexe

Choosing an annexe can hinder or help your trip – it’s important to choose wisely.

The top 8 mistakes caravanners make when it comes to choosing an annexe:

  1. They might pay more than they need to, wrongly interpreting a high price as equating to quality.
  2. They don’t research the product manufacturer to assess if the product is suitable for the Australian environment.
  3. They don’t worry about durability; poor quality or unsuitable fabrics wear out faster and are more prone to tearing.
  4. They don’t assess the UV protection levels, increasing risk of sun exposure and skin damage.
  5. They sacrifice convenience, quality and durability and shop solely on price.
  6. They neglect to find out how much space and weight the annexe will gobble up inside the caravan or camper.
  7. They don’t do a test set up prior to buying and discover how much time it takes to set it all up.
  8. They don’t assess the structural integrity or robustness of the materials.

Don’t get ripped off – many products in Australia are very expensive. Be a smart buyer – choose wisely.

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