Factors you must consider when choosing an annexe

The top 7 factors you need to look for when selecting the right annexe for the most enjoyable caravanning experience.

  1. Use air beam technology that is specifically designed and tested in Australia.
  2. Ensure you minimize weight and that it occupies a small storage area, freeing up space for more important things.
  3. Ensure it is made from materials designed to withstand the challenging Australian climate.
  4. UPF50 UV protection is a must.
  5. It must be designed to keep out insects and other social undesirables.
  6. It must be easy to install and repair.
  7. It must be designed for cooling ventilation.

Additional pointers to consider when purchasing any annexe, it is advisable to check:

  1. Waterproof or water-resistant capabilities.
  2. Fire resistance or rating.
  3. Porosity (will it allow air or water through).
  4. Light, medium and heavy weight options.
  5. Warranty or guarantee.
  6. Location of service or repair centers.
  7. Availability of spare parts.
  8. Ease of putting up and taking down.
  9. Is a floor provided / or sewn in.
  10. Overall weight including any poles, ropes and pegs.
  11. A ‘mud skirt’ at the bottom so the fabric doesn’t come into contact with the ground.
  12. Does it come with a weatherproof side skirt for the caravan.
  13. Does it have a quick zip system for opening doors and windows.
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