Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Key benefits and reasons why air beams are taking over

Air Beam technology has become a mainstay of the US military.

Europe has been an early adopter of “air beam” technology in camping gear, switching from traditional pole tents to inflatables for speed, convenience and durability.

Air beams are manufactured by continuous braiding or weaving of a high-strength 3-D fabric sleeve to provide structural strength over an air-holding bladder.

  • What results is a smooth, durable and seamless tube anywhere from 5-100 cms in diameter set at different pressures, depending on the support needed.
  • Each collapsible tube has a built-in valve for a fill-up from a pump or air compressor modified with an automatic shut-off.
  • By changing design parameters, the air beam shape can be modified for different products.
  • Air beams come in small, lightweight packages.
  • Air beam tents range from small to large shelters and shelter complexes and can be set up quickly and with fewer personnel than metal frames.

Top 4 reasons consumers have adopted air beam technology so quickly:

  1. Super-Fast Pitching : 5 – 10 minutes to pitch.
  2. Strong Structure : Just two components which are the heavy duty plastic inner tube (which holds the air) and a strong protective ripstop nylon outer casing. When inflated collectively the beams provide a large stable surface area meaning that the outer side of your tent is pulled taut. This results in a much more stable structure overall which is great at reducing noise made by wind or rain pattering against your tent.
  3. Prepared for all Weather : Tested in extreme weather conditions.
  4. Easy to Repair : While it takes a lot to puncture an air beam, it’s just like changing a bike tyre. You can make a quick repair using the repair kit which usually comes with the equipment.

Compared to awnings with poles, the inflatable awnings and annexes are much simpler and easier to use.

  • Faster : Speed of set up makes air beam technology family-friendly, and quick and easy to put up and take down.
    • “In 15 minutes the tent is up; one person can set up by themselves. (There were) no problems in the rain, (and it) felt solid even in high winds.” – Forbes magazine
  • Lighter : With no bulky metal poles in the structure, the overall weight should be easy enough to manage.
    • The absence of metal poles also helps to minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Packability : Less bulky, and more compact, it’s easier to fit into smaller spaces because you don’t have to wrestle with the bulky poles.
  • Durability : No worries about breaking or bending poles by accident, or in high wind situations.
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